Police is Demolishing the Camp Organized by Citizens to Protest Construction of Natural Gas Power Plant at Kudepsta

Police is getting rid of citizens that organized the eco-camp against construction of Natural Gas Power Plant at Kudepsta

The fight around Natural Gas Power Plant at Kudepsta is an ongoing fight against violation the Rio Principle 10: access to information, public participation and access to justice on environmental matters, as well as violation of the Russian law on environmental impact assessment. The Kudepsta Power Plant is one of examples where Olympic greenwash is highly visible. Neither the IOC, nor Russian governmental authorities are not willing to comply with environmental and human rights standards. Therefore, local citizens are protecting their rights by establishing the camp.

The government decided to get rid of protesters by simply demolishing the camp.

Today, on April 29, 2013, police and private security company did not allow citizens to come closer to the construction object and their camp by using force. In particular, citizens are not allowed to take photos or make videos on ongoing ‘work’. If citizens attempt to come closer to the river, where the bridge support are being installed, they are detained. One of the local residents, who was trying to take photos of construction works, was beaten and now she is in the hospital and being examined. Activist Oleg Lysenko was hospitalized as well because of hypertension stroke.

At 12 pm there were about 70 local citizens and 80 police officers and private security company workers. Some of the pictures are here

By Yulia Genin based on materials by EWNC


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