To the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics anniversary

It is Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games anniversary. What is the legacy of this global event? Medals, outstanding achievement of a human body? Yes, but the rest of this legacy is environmental degradation of the unique natural areas and imprisonment of an outstanding Russian environmental defender Evgeny Vitishko, not to mention human rights abuses and corruption. Evgeny was imprisoned at the height of the Games — Russian authorities wanted to make sure he will not spread the word about violations committed in preparation to the Games. The IOC connived at Vitishko’s imprisonment notwithstanding Evgeny worked a lot on environmental violations in preparation to the Games and the fact that the Olympic Charter considers sustainable development a third pillar of the Olympic Movement. The legacy of the Sochi Olympics is disgusting to those who care for human rights and environment. Free Vitishko now!


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